Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday

I have been catching up on my genealogy blog reading and I have noticed a common thread on Tuesdays: Tombstone Tuesday. I saw on Kinexxions today that Becky Wiseman credited Amy Crow on her blog, Amy's Genealogy, etc. Well, whomever came up with the idea, I think it is fantastic!

Here is my first blog entry for Tombstone Tuesday! Katherina Dreyer Keller, my great-great grandmother. The text is in German because the early immigrants mostly spoke the Alsatian dialect, which is very Germanic.

Katharina Dreyer was born in Ranspach, Alsace, France on February 18, 1822. She immigrated to the United States with her parents, Martin Dreyer & Catherine Lotheringer Dreyer. Their ship, "Heinrich", left Antwerpen, Belgium in December, 1843 and arrived at Galeveston, Texas in March of 1844. Katharina was on the same ship as her future husband, Andreas Keller. She travelled with her parents, four sisters and a brother. Catherine Dreyer, the mother, died enroute to Texas. Martin Dreyer Dreyer & three of his daughters settled in Castroville. All the people who came on the ship had to camp in San Antonio for nine months before they came to Castroville. The emprassario, Henri Castro, was delayed and did not arrive until September of 1844. Some people camped among the ruins of the Alamo during those long months. Katherina and Andreas had nine children after they settled in Castroville.

Katherina and her husband Andreas were among the original settlers of Castroville, Medina County, Texas and since they settled in Texas while it was still a Republic, they entitle me to apply for Texas First Families as well as Daughters of the Republic of Texas, if I get all of my paperwork together!

Just a couple more genealogical "things to do" to keep me busy, in case I get bored :-)

Here is a special placque that was placed at their gravesite by descendents:

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  1. Andrea, I'm a DRT member. If you need any help with the paperwork, I'll be glad to help.