Monday, January 5, 2009


Kempf 1st Cousins
Originally uploaded by Andrea Christman
Christmas 2008 was a time of re-connecting with family and friends and here is a shot of the Nine 1st cousins from Andrew & Lucille Kempf. I think when we are young, we take for granted the special bonds and traditions established by our families.

We are all very close in age and went through school together and shared many of the same friends, or brothers and sisters of friends! It was special to visit and catch up and see the next generation that this one produced. And boy, are they growing up...Michele's oldest, Alison, will be getting married this spring. I think I am feeling older now!

I have learned some lessons from 2008 and already made some changes! Not only did I pull out my camera more often to document our time together, I uploaded the photos to Flickr and Facebook to share them and I made a back up CD in case of technology failure! Boy that IS an improvement!


  1. Awesome! We should connect on Facebook and Twitter! I'll look into it.

  2. That would be great! I am christman26 on both facebook and twitter.

    I see you are in Colorado. My brother, Ben, lives in Highlands Ranch. It is not too far from Denver.

    btw...I just LOVE your father's blog! I wish I would have those kinds of memories from my grandparents. My mother was pretty good at tape recording them at least we have that!