Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Turning Over a New Leaf

Okay, it is August 5th and not January 1st, but today is a NEW day! I decided to begin my first blog to keep in touch with family and friends and to keep me on track with all my "little" projects! If I post online what I intend to do, maybe someone will help keep me honest and I will actually see some projects to completion! I don't know if family genealogy research can ever be complete, but these stacks and stacks of paper piled on my desk have got to get put SOMEWHERE!

My things to do list:
  1. Send Holzause Civil War Pension records to people who inquired about them (a long time ago). They are already in envelopes...just need to be posted.
  2. Complete Family Trees for Jerry and me. I purchased nice, large ones with room for photos. I just need to print out the information and make thumbnails of the photos that I have.
  3. Add my sister-in-law's family (Batot) to Legacy. I scanned a ton of photos and records last summer (2007), but never did anything with the information!
  4. Finish adding records to Legacy and then download the file to Clooz.
  5. Add documents to Clooz.
  6. Find the McAllister family in Boston, circa 1900
  7. Find the Holzhaus family in Ohio, circa 1850's

Well, I could go on and on, but let's stop here!


  1. Andrea, isn't this soooo much fun? I love the idea of your sharing your projects, trips and everything else you can think of! I love your list and wish I could even think of creating one like it! It will be fun keeping track of you this way!

  2. OK, I feel better now. I told a research volunteer for the Macomb County Library in Mount Clemens, Michigan, that I would send her a transcription of the pension file of my 3rd great-grandfather, John Pemberton. This was a year ago. But I haven't even finished the transcription yet!! So at least you have your's in envelopes...LOL!